I'm so happy to be Miss Christina the Picture Lady at these
fantastically enriching and welcoming childcare centers:

Bright Horizons Children's Learning Center in Beaverton.

Happy Hollow Children's Center in Beaverton.

Creative Minds Learning Centers with Broadway, Gateway,
Westmoreland, and Woodstock locations.

Sitting on a stool, hands clasped in lap with a big stiff grin
is NOT what your child looks like at school. Instead, I spend
the day in the classrooms and on the playground, capturing
the children being themselves.
And I'll never leave parents
to pick from restrictive, predetermined photo packages.

My school photos are the perfect way to get professional,
candid photos of your child for gifts or for yourself.
Ask your child's school for your own Photo Day!

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Photo day: professional school pictures.
school photo
school picture